Cedric Tai asks Judith Butler a question and it started an interest in Marxism…

Cedric asking Judith Butler a question about Labor and they answer it well!

Cedric: My question is about the way we talk about the right to a job…
specifically the idea you were talking about ‘how we get create the right and access to meaningful work’,

In politics each party generally promises to ‘the freedom to pursue any job’ and ‘the right to work’ which are all just ideas, but I was wondering if you have a way to dispel the difference between how people talk about ‘the right to work’ (anti-union sentiment) when what people really want is access to be able to do something meaningful?

And I guess I’m asking how can work be defined by those not in power?

Judith Butler: Are you perhaps suggesting that the right to employment is not exactly a right, like it’s maybe considered good luck or bad luck, but it’s not a right exactly?

Cedric: I guess I’m talking about this middle-class notion that all we need to do is “provide jobs”, and since you were speaking about meaningful work in a livable life, I think about ‘busyness’ and how that creates a vulnerability, where you don’t have time to volunteer or protest, to do things you’d want to do with your own time.
But there are so may more obligations that one finds themselves in with work, but we’d say, “well at least you’re working, how can you argue about anything? You have a job.”

Judith Butler: (Listen to hear their answer!)

I consider it a hobby being able to ask important people questions that personally plague me.

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