Responding to Emaline’s article in Mad in America

I know I could put my comment into the comments section too BUT I feel like there’s a good discussion going on overall in this group (separate from Mad in America)

This sounds like Emaline isn’t describing a problem with data or the science as much as there’s a false promise of care, where people are getting their “medical facts” second hand without scrutiny if it is proportionately corrected in mainstream media, as there’s already an incentivize for being research to turn into good click-bait; putting out into the world over-hyped biased research.

So then I was wondering what if what is being suggested was somewhere between pushing Americans to develop more skepticism and the ability to understand what studies are reliable or not (should I be learning what makes something a good sample size or know how to confirm if the source is independently verified?)

While at the same time I feel like there’s a bigger picture I can’t see where Critical Psychology is making a case for its own existence, but I couldn’t tell if it is trying to make this case that one should peruse the whole website for personal stories, read all the tabs etc., to get a bigger picture that takes away from the current hierarchy of what is “qualified information” or if there’s a bigger critique about how diagnosis is part of a colonial project, or perhaps if everything including ADHD needs to be thrown out in favor of a much better way of looking at things.

It seems like the metrics go as follows: Eugenics = Bad, Pharmaceutical Greed = Bad, Less Suicides = Good, Not ending up trapped without agency in your journey towards healing = Good, Stigma against medications even for those who may find it helpful = ???, How to have better studies funded or convince people that a wider approach is necessary= ???

I think I would have appreciated seeing an article or two that can at least connect ADHD to Capitalism, or one that empowers someone with ADHD (as opposed to just being talked to in medical speakā€¦ that I’m just a dummy part 2!)

i.e. from @queervengeance: “ADHD is not a disease, a disorder, or a “neurodevelopmental condition”, it’s an interest-based neurotype that makes it really fucking hard to live under capitalism”

also in case anyone comes across it with their PHDs and their infinite access to JStor n stuff, I’m still looking for a study that supposedly showed that many white people with ADHD may end up in law enforcement, whereas many Black people with ADHD may end up incarcerated. Please and Thank you.

I wrote more and made it more personal here:

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