Responding to Emaline’s article in Mad in America

This sounds like Emaline isn’t describing a problem with data or the science as much as there’s a false promise of care, where people are getting their “medical facts” second hand without scrutiny if it is proportionately corrected in mainstream media, as there’s already an incentivize for being research to turn into good click-bait; putting … Read moreResponding to Emaline’s article in Mad in America

Cedric Tai asks Judith Butler a question and it started an interest in Marxism…

Cedric: My question is about the way we talk about the right to a job…specifically the idea you were talking about ‘how we get create the right and access to meaningful work’, In politics each party generally promises to ‘the freedom to pursue any job’ and ‘the right to work’ which are all just ideas, … Read moreCedric Tai asks Judith Butler a question and it started an interest in Marxism…

Works on Work

“An independent initiative born at The Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow…We want to examine the future of work, post-work, workism, concepts and philosophies behind work, power relations between employees and employers, automation, technological opportunities and threats, work performance and its aesthetics.” One of the first works is a podcast starting with … Read moreWorks on Work

Fund New Models!

Check out these projects on (the recently unionized) Kickstarter in the next few days… The Brick House Cooperative – A media cooperative from journalists from Awl, Splinter, Gawker, Deadspin and more. Cory Doctorow is hoping to lead an exodus away from Amazon’s 90% monopoly of DRM mandated audio books (Audible) while retaining rights and revenue … Read moreFund New Models!

Labor Organizing Zines

Zines from DSA SF Labor. Art by

  • Why do we need a union?
  • Know your rights organizing in the workplace
  • How do I talk to my coworkers about unionizing?
  • 5 Steps to Underground Organizing

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