We build solidarity culture for personal well-being and social change!

We explore how to transition out of domination-based mindsets and dynamics that drive economic and social inequality, climate crisis, and destroy our communities, souls and psyche to normalize ones that are democratic, pluralist, inclusive and accessible.

We get there through…

  • small recurring meetings
    • We make space for dialogue, consciousness-raising and support.
  • communication & experiences
    • We workshop design, narrative, art, education, events, and tech to facilitate the transition to healthier practices and drive awareness to socially innovative projects, ventures, and movements.
  • organizer support and networking
    • We aim to support organizations who are building power and affecting material change.

We’d love to connect with anyone into this kind of work.


We are based in Los Angeles, with friends across the U.S.
Email us for more info or sign up for updates…


Solidarity Club came together in the Q3 Assembly Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism at the Los Angeles non-profit cultural organization and multipurpose community space Navel. And that grew out of the Q2 Assembly Future of Labor. Our reading materials, notes, reference links and exercises are linked above on Are.na.