These are some organizations, ventures, people and events that contribute to a culture and ecosystem of solidarity. This listing is oriented towards information/creative workers in Greater Los Angeles.

If you have additions or feedback, email us. last updated Jan. 2022

Community Programs, Education, Creative Ventures

in Los Angeles

is a non-profit cultural organization and community space in LA empowering creative projects and practices that ignite collective imaginaries and expand capacity to cooperate in holistic, pleasurable and emergent ways

The Public School
is a space for radical communal self-education. It is free and open to everyone to propose classes, teach, or participate

Community Reading Group
is a gathering committed to the study of community as a political category in popular, philosophical, and legal discourse

Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks
is a local exchange system designed to inspire trust and reciprocity aiming to encourage systemic social change and economic equality

Our Time Bank
a community based on the westside aiming to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent

Frau Fiber
works at the intersection of labor and craft making apparel production transparent

is an ungendered, multi-use monogarment designed by the Rational Dress Society to replace all clothes in perpetuity. It is disseminated as a pre-made garment for purchase, and as an open-source pattern, available to download free of charge.

Llano Del Rio Collective
aims to expand cultural, social, and political imagination of LA through printed guides, events and speakers.

Solidarity Club Records
LA indie label (no relation but cool name)

and Beyond

Allied Media Projects
based in Detroit, organizers of the Allied Media Conference, they cultivate media for liberation

David Graeber Projects
initiatives by the late, great anthropologist and friends include participatory media and community learning projects that seek to re-orient everyday life such as museum of care and anthropology for kids

Transition US
part of the Transition Towns Movement working to cultivate a just, caring, resilient, and regenerative world through training, support, and collaboration

a community-building practice to create structures for belonging… stitching new kinship networks to shift out of isolated individualism into a more connected way of being

Mad in America
writings, education and organizing in psychology critical of the current drug-based individualist paradigm of care with a social justice lens

Anti-Capitalism for Artists
education and visioning for a new world

White Awake
radical (as opposed to liberal) anti-racist education and ancestral/spiritual recovery for those socialized as white for collective liberation

Emotional Anarchism
recognizing that the interpersonal and emotional world is a potent site for radical transformation, they offer resources and share learnings

Plan C
anti-capitalist consciousness raising based in the UK

Worker Organizing, Research & Aid

in Los Angeles

local branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. Offers training and support to workers looking to organize their workplaces

Game Workers of Southern California
offers support and training for workers fighting for their rights and well-being in the games industry

Rideshare Drivers United
movement to support rideshare and delivery drivers, allies welcome

DSA LA Labor
labor committee of the Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America supports worker organizing in LA, especially in the film/entertainment industry

LA Artist Census
an artist-run research initiative that gathers and publishes data about the lives and practices of LA County visual artists

LA Coop Lab
supports the development of worker co-ops through education, training, lending and more

Worker Ownership Resources and Cooperative Services supports development and networking of worker co-ops, hosts an email list and online meetings

Collective Remake
supports the creation of worker-owned businesses and co-ops among people who have been incarcerated and marginalized

and Beyond

US Federation of Worker Coops & Democracy at Work Institute are affiliated resources for aspiring and existing worker coops, organizing the freelancer collective Guilded
building a solidarity economy with/for artists

Tech Workers Coalition
guided by a vision for an inclusive & equitable tech industry, TWC organizes to build worker power through rank & file self-organization and education

Architecture Lobby
working for labor, democracy and justice in architecture

Working Artists and the Greater Economy works to establish sustainable economic relationships between artists and the institutions that contract their labor

Political & Economic Organizing

Black Lives Matter LA
in the Black power tradition, BLM fights for justice for all Black lives with a focus on the racist power dynamics inherent in policing, prosecution and incarceration

Democratic Socialists of America is the largest socialist organization in the US and organizes for policy change, local candidates and supports other grass-roots organizers

Ground Game LA
supports local organizing and produce media such as the non-profit community journalism project Knock LA

Debt Collective
organizes people with common creditors to support each other and gain the leverage to cancel their debt

Housing, Land, Food

LA Eco-Village
an amazing living example of ecologically regenerative affordable housing and democratically-run intentional community built on a land trust with it’s own food co-op – check it out on one of their monthly tours

Liberty Community Land Trust & Ecosystem
Black-led groups in South Los Angeles working towards community ownership and self-determination

LA Tenants Union
fighting for renters rights, healthy living conditions and against eviction

The Los Angeles Community Action Network
based in Skid Row and focused on unhoused people, they organizes people to fight back against oppression

SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition
a neighborhood-level movement responding to homelessness in a proactive, compassionate, and effective way

the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture promotes education and development of sustainable, hand-built adobe architecture

Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants
a shop and nonprofit education center focused on restoring the native landscape of Southern California

Crop Swap LA
unites gardeners across LA to grow and share their extra veggies, fruits, herbs, and valuable homemade items with each other and the community


reimagining a safe, car-free LA with seasonal people-powered rides on blocked off streets

Bus Riders Union
holding public transit agencies accountable to serve those who use it most, based out of the Labor Community Strategy Center