We meet about every 2 weeks online. Contact us for a link and updates.

Minimal Viable Structure & Code of Conduct

  • We work to increase solidarity and welcome all who are drawn to this work.
  • Assume or aspire to solidarity, rooted in equity and autonomy, counter to supremacy.
  • We all come from different places and are at wherever we’re at, (ie. be real, be respectful).
  • Balance listening and speaking.
  • Respect privacy & confidentiality.
  • Avoid judgment, projection or unsolicited advice – use “I” statements or questions.
  • If we ever have to decide anything of importance, we’ll figure out a democratic method of doing it and document it.
  • Anyone who sows or clings to patterns of division or consistently pursues directions counter to our goals will be reminded to drop it or may be asked to leave.
  • If you think a meeting or the group is going off track, say something. A good time is our collective responsibility.
  • If you need help, reach out to any co-organizer you feel comfortable with.

As the universe, we are always in flux!