We are W.O.R.K. (Welcoming Our Radical Kin) Solidarity Club – a solidarity incubator! We make (online) space once or twice a month to process what’s going on in the world, explore complex ideas, learn from each other, and reinforce our values in a culture constantly pulling us away from them. We specifically explore and integrate collectivism and alternatives to capitalism (ie. exploitation, domination, isolation, profit-maximization) in our lives and work. We share theory, culture, strategies and tactics to support each other and co-create new things.

Meetings may entail a reading club, movie night, project work, member-led workshops, guest speakers or just chit chat. See blog for announcements + projects or email us@solidarityclub.org for more info or meeting access.

Format & Process
Potential topics are organized between meetings on a doc and gathered at the beginning of a meeting.

  • Intro, check-in and welcome (:20)
  • Meeting (1:00)
  • Process, Check-out (:15)

Minimal Viable Structure & Code of Conduct
We work towards action that increases solidarity and welcome all who are drawn to this work. This solidarity is rooted in equality and autonomy for all and counter to supremacy. Other than that, we are searching for and experimenting with our code everyday. Anyone with honest, positive intention can check it out. Feel free to leave or take a break from a meeting or group project at any time for any reason. If you need help, reach out to any other participant your feel comfortable with. If we ever have to decide anything of importance, we’ll figure out some democratic method of doing it and then document it.

Anyone who sows or clings to patterns of division or consistently pursues oppositional directions may be advised to take a break or start their own group. We are all always in flux!

Solidarity Club came together in the Q3 Assembly Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism at the Los Angeles non-profit cultural organization and multipurpose community space NAVEL. And that grew out of the Q2 Assembly Future of Labor. See our reading materials, notes, reference links and exercises at Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism and Future of Labor on Are.na.