Works on Work

“An independent initiative born at The Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow…We want to examine the future of work, post-work, workism, concepts and philosophies behind work, power relations between employees and employers, automation, technological opportunities and threats, work performance and its aesthetics.” One of the first works is a podcast starting with … Read moreWorks on Work

Fund New Models!

Check out these projects on (the recently unionized) Kickstarter in the next few days… The Brick House Cooperative – A media cooperative from journalists from Awl, Splinter, Gawker, Deadspin and more. Cory Doctorow is hoping to lead an exodus away from Amazon’s 90% monopoly of DRM mandated audio books (Audible) while retaining rights and revenue … Read moreFund New Models!

Labor Organizing Zines

Zines from DSA SF Labor. Art by

  • Why do we need a union?
  • Know your rights organizing in the workplace
  • How do I talk to my coworkers about unionizing?
  • 5 Steps to Underground Organizing

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