Solidarity LA Data Directory

Mapping the Solidarity Economy in Los Angeles

How can I see this data?
There is a map available via a filtered view on

There is also a card gallery on Airtable:

How can I add to this data?
If you want to add a single organization (perhaps your own) please use the links below.

If you want to update an existing entry, submit bulk entries or help with this project, email us. If you want to support or shape the infrastructure for this work or access deeper data, join the Data Commons Coop.

About this Data Project
We are compiling basic information on solidarity economy aligned businesses and organizations based in Los Angeles.

Along with other data projects and surveys, it feeds into a Data Commons, managed by the Data Commons Cooperative which facilitates aggregating and accessing data by and for its members.

This data is the foundation of infrastructure than can aid networking, cooperation and growth for our sector. We plan for the data to get deeper, wider and more standardized and refined over time – powering research and policy as well as prefigurative digital products and services.

Project History
This is based on a project originally organized by Solidarity Research Center.