This is our regular, casual, open discussion to cultivate solidarity for personal well-being and social change.

We’re going to be reading Elite Capture (May/June 2022). Email us or sign up for updates if you’d like to join or want more info.

Inspired by Mark Fisher’s vision of Acid Communism, we aim to revisit the mass liberatory potential of 20th century countercultures before they were subsumed into consumer culture and neutralized by neoliberalism. 

Acid Communism is a prefigurative social event of music, art, people, and organizing based around Los Angeles. We aim to co-create space for connection, exchange, education, and inspiration – to mix organizers, workers, slackers, creative people and good music and see what happens. Hopefully it can be a beacon and amplifier for anyone creating or longing for a different future. At least, maybe, it will help us feel less alone.

(in progress, more to come)