This a list of media that has come up in our discussions or we have found valuable.

last updated Apr. 2022

Articles & A/V

Emma Kinema, Game Workers Unite on labor organizing – XOXO Festival 2019

WOBCAST #2: Proof of Concept, podcast episode on the Stardust restaurant organizing campaign in NYC, a “proof of concept” of the solidarity unionism model developed by the IWW

What it is to organize by Alyssa Battistoni, N+1

How Civilization Broke Our Brains
What can hunter-gatherer societies teach us about work, time, and happiness? by Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Books & Films

Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber, 2018

Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered by E.F. Schumacher, 1973
summary & notes

Capital in the Twenty-First Century, 2020 (film trailer)

Entreprecariat by Silvio Lorusso, 2019
summary & notes

Acid Communism (in progress) by Mark Fisher, 2016
Mark Fisher’s lecture on Designer Communism, transcripts of his final lectures on Postcapitalist Desire, and the unfinished intro to his unwritten book.

No Shortcuts by Jane McAlevey

Emergent Strategy by adrienne marie brown, 2017

Publications & Podcasts

in Los Angeles

The LAnd Mag
local mag produced by the self-organized workers from the original LA Weekly staff

Llano del Rio Guides
aims to expand cultural, social, and political imagination of Los Angeles

LA Podcast, LAist, LA TACO
podcast and blogs on local news, politics, events and food

and Beyond

Organizing Work
a website and podcast about the nuts and bolts of organizing centering worker perspectives and rooted in the IWW model of solidarity unionism

Team Human
media theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s podcast where he interviews the inspiring fellow members of Team Human playing for people and against capitalism, competitive individualism and tech dystopia

Know Your Enemy
podcast of super insightful examination of current and past strains of thought on the right (and left)


Clementine Morrigan (instagram)
on cancel culture on the left

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