We meet regularly, sometimes do projects, and chat in Discord.

If you’d like to join us or want more info, just email us.

Minimal Viable Structure & Code of Conduct

  • We work to increase solidarity and welcome all who are drawn to this work.
  • Assume or aspire to solidarity, rooted in equity and autonomy, counter to supremacy.
  • We all come from different places and are at wherever we’re at, (ie. be real, be respectful).
  • Balance listening and speaking.
  • Respect privacy & confidentiality.
  • Avoid judgment, projection or unsolicited advice – use “I” statements or questions.
  • If we ever have to decide anything of importance, we’ll figure out a democratic method of doing it and document it.
  • Anyone who sows or clings to patterns of division or consistently pursues directions counter to our goals will be reminded to drop it or may be asked to leave.
  • If you think a meeting or the group is going off track, say something. A good time is our collective responsibility.
  • If you need help, reach out to any co-organizer you feel comfortable with.

As the universe, we are always in flux!


Solidarity Club came together in the Q3 Assembly Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism at the Los Angeles non-profit cultural organization and multipurpose community space NAVEL. And that grew out of the Q2 Assembly Future of Labor. See our reading materials, notes, reference links and exercises at Workshopping Work Beyond Capitalism and Future of Labor on